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Security Guards

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An effective and trustful way to keep a check on theft, vandalism and criminal damage to the staff and the company assets, TriMetro Security Services LLC safely boasts of the best private security guards, who are licensed and can be completely trusted.

The present day values of safety have gone beyond the concepts of common theft of valuables. People and corporations today need security from other threats as well. To properly cover the various security threats,we offer manned security services in Raleigh, NC, from one-man guarding services to multi-manned guarding teams. Our guards are armed and unarmed.

We are a security guard company of repute and promise astute, stringently trained security guards who are aware, alert and have the intellect and wisdom to outwit the wiliest of thieves or other potential threats. Our talented team can take care of any premises on a 24-hour, round-the-clock basis, seven days a week.

Usually a team of minimum two security guards is advised for a home or an office space. Their job will be to observe all the activities happening around the place of duty and act swiftly if and when required.

One of the best features of our security guard services is the personalized, passionately devoted range of services offered that provide custom built reactions and responses to situations that can crop up in any form at any place.

Our personnel are experts in hand to hand contact and have several soft and hard-nosed approaches to ensure that whatever our clients want to protect remains protected. We believe that the reflexes of a human security system are far more superior to any mechanical or technological setup.