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Patrol Services

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Patrolling of all perimeters of any infrastructure is an essential component of security provisions. TriMetro Security Services LLC has a special department of personnel to handle sophisticated yet highly alert patrol services.To be on patrol, our professionally trained security guards are given extensive endurance training. TThey are trained to withstand the most hostile terrain, long strenuous hours of working and also have keen alertness honed to detect the slightest of sounds or recognize an anomaly in any setting.

This form of security for any building or personnel, whether corporate or government,also requires alert, keen eyes. Additionally, with our patrol services, there are a number of technical mechanisms which can be utilized for monitoring the parameters of any infrastructure.

Cameras and artificial intelligence systems can be utilized for keeping an eye on the territory. However, all the gadgetry would be of no consequence if there was a breakdown of any form.

In the case of our trained personnel there is tremendous amount of significance attached to their abilities of agility, intelligence, quick thinking and quick decision making under circumstances of severe duress.

The patrolling by our service personnel is known for its thoroughness, resilience and continued alertness. Once you have confided your valued secrets to our security patrol service, our professionals will go to all lengths to protect your valued premises and ensure that you are secure.

There are several precautions to be taken while patrolling premises. It is essential that once the weak points or vulnerable areas are determined, stringent measures are taken to ensure that things don’t get past the ever alert security personnel. Trained to study various patterns of activities happening at regular intervals and the periphery, we are proud to call our patrol services the best in Raleigh, NC.